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Svantek SvanPC++ Software

SvanPC++ Analysis Software for Sound and Vibration

Svantek SvanPC++ Software

SvanPC++ is an advanced PC software supporting ALL Svantek measuring instruments including SV10x, SVAN 95x and SVAN 97x series. The basic software offers the following functions: editing instrument settings, downloading data files from the instrument as well as data preview, and basic recalculations of Leq and RMS (logger step recalculation).

Recently the SvanPC++  software has been enriched with the new Projects capability that allows it to combine numerous data files into Sessions. The main advantage of using Projects is data comparison as well as easy report management. Reports are prepared in the form of panels  (text, photos, tables, graphs, plots) and can be exported to Excel™ or Word™. Each Project can be saved and recalled in the future.


• Instrument connection Wizard offering setup editor and download of

  measurement data via USB, Bluetooth® and RS 232

• New Projects with customized views, export, saving, and recall 

• Leq / RMS logger step recalculation

• Data calculation in marked blocks

• Recalculation of FFT to 1/3 and 1/1 octave spectrum

• Logarithmic / linear units recalculation

• Data shift / clip / delete functions

• Spectrogram view for frequency analysis

• Enhanced data presentation with a secondary Y-axis for plots comparison

• WAVE files playback


SvanPC++ Environmental Measurements Module

SvanPC++ Environmental Monitoring module offers the advanced calculator that works together with logger files containing time histories of noise or vibration signals. The calculator supports analysis of Day/Night/Evening levels, statistics analysis as well as tonality or impulsivity calculation from 1/3 octave spectra. Calculation results are displayed both as a graph and table form.


SvanPC++ Wave Analyser

SvanPC++ offers the Wave Analyser that is designed for analysis of wave files from Svantek’s noise or vibration instruments. The module provides calculation of overall results such as Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak as well as 1/3 octave and  FFT calculations. The module has been designed to make calculations from a selected number of wave files enabling, for example, a tonality analysis from 24 bit wave files in a single operation.


SvanPC++ Remote Communication Module

Remote communication is one of the most important features of unattended monitoring systems. On the PC side, communication is handled by the SvanPC++ Remote Communication Module that offers advanced features such as automatic data download station configuration, CSV and HTML data publishing as well as FTP upload. The heart of the module is the Remote Communication Center that gives access to all functionalities as well as all monitored stations.



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