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Gilian BDX-II Personal Air Sampling Pump (500 - 3,000 cc/min)

Low-cost Personal Air Sampling Pump for Lead and Asbestos Abatement Applications

Gilian BDX-II Personal Air Sampling Pump (500 - 3,000 cc/min)

The Gilian BDX-II is an economical air sampling pump designed specifically for abatement and lead applications. It is a compact and rugged air sampling pump optimized for sample methods between 500 cc/min and 3000 cc/min. The BDX-II is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery that provides up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge.


  • 500-3000 cc/min
  • Anti-tamper control covers
  • Sealed internal components
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Easy calibration
  • UL approved for operation in hazardous areas 

Rugged and dependable construction of the BDX-II will withstand the toughest industrial environments. Without sacrificing accuracy and reliability, the BDX-II provides an economical alternative to higher-priced constant flow air sampling pumps.

The built-in rotameter monitors flow rates over the entire flow range of 0.5 - 3.0 LPM and an electronic flow control adjustment enables parts to last longer so maintenance is minimized. The rechargeable NiMH battery provides approximately 10 hours of reliable operation on a single charge and easily detaches from the pump body for recharging and/or quick field change in non-hazardous locations. Sealed flow adjustment and on/off switch protects the BDX-II from moisture, dust and fibers. 

The BDX-II has a filter that protects the internal pneumatics from dirt and debris. This filter is externally mounted, enabling users to quickly and easily inspect filter condition and when necessary replace the filter. 

BDX-II air sampling pumps accurately monitor for asbestos using the NIOSH Method 7400 or the OSHA reference sampling method. The pumps also monitor for lead using NIOSH Methods 7082, 7105 or 7300. 

Compact, lightweight and rugged; the BDX-II takes the complexity out of abatement sampling.

Pump Kits  
Includes: BDX-II Pump  and User Manual.
801863-171 BDX II Pump, No Charger, NiMH
Starter Kits  
Includes: BDX-II Pump, 36” Tubing, Clip Assembly, Reversible Screwdriver, User Manual and Single Unit Charger.
801863-171-1201 BDX II Starter Kit, 120V, NiMH
801863-171-2301 BDX II Starter Kit, 230V, NiMH
Spares & Accessories  
380-0015-01 Screwdriver, Reversible, GilAir-3/GilAir-5/BDX-II
800618 O-Ring/Gasket Kit, GilAir-3
800511 Carrying Case (17.5" x 13" x 7"), BDX-II/GilAir 3/5
375-0003-01 Pump Carrier, Soft, Gilian 3500/Gilian 5000/GilAir/BDX-II
800556 Pump Filter Kit (3 filters, 3 large o-rings, 3 small o-rings, screw), GilAir-3
800143 Filter Cassette Holder Kit (required when sampling with cassette)
201044-10 Filter Housing, Front, GilAir-3/GilAir-5
201050 Filter, Replacement, GilAir-3/GilAir-5
201050-100 Filter, Replacement (pkg of 100), GilAir-3/GilAir-5 (pkg of 100)
800592 Rotameter with Tubing, 4 liter, GilAir-3
801009 Rotameter/Flowmeter
200484 Tubing, 1/4" ID x 1/16" W (3 ft) GilAir-3/GilAir-5/BDX-2
800142 Clip Assembly, Replacement for Filter Cassette Kit 800143
800470 Anti-Tamper Plate, GilAir-3/GilAir-5/BDX-II
801816 Case Assembly, Front, BDX-II
801814 Case Assembly, Rear, BDX-II
850258 PC Board Assembly for BDX-II
GCU37080 Cassette, 37mm, 3pc, 0.8µm MCE 50/bx, Replacement for Oil Aerosol Sampling Kit
801863M Manual, BDX II
7013268 Oil Aerosol Sampling Kit
298-0017-01 Charger, Single, BDX II, 120V
402119 Charger, Single, BDX II, 230V
850069 Charger, 5-Unit, Universal, for GilAir-3/5 and BDX-2, 120V
850070 Charger, 5-Unit, Universal, for GilAir-3/5 and BDX-2, 230V
783-0008-04 Battery Pack, BDX II, NiMH

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