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SvanNet Software

Svantek SvanNet Software

SvanNET is an on-line solution that supports multi-point connection with Svantek’s noise & vibration monitoring stations. To ensure required reliability and data security SvanNet has been located on Microsoft Azure™, the cloud platform working through the global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Bluetooth® communication and application for Android platforms are also available.


Multipoint Monitoring

To support noise & vibration monitoring SvanNET provides on-line connection services such as web interface, access to data files in the monitoring station or status alarms. The monitoring checklist includes measurement status, alarms indication, power source including battery charge, external power information as well as the GSM signal strength. SvanNET is an on-line solution which means it doesn't require software installation and is accessible through a web browser. The responsive design enables use of SvanNET on various devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The SvanNET is an on-line web service that supports the multi- point connection with Svantek monitoring stations. The Connectivity service offers management and gives full control of the monitoring system using any web browsing device like a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

The web user interface is easy to use and intuitive to operate. One of the main tasks of SvanNET is monitoring of the status of Svantek monitoring stations (e.g. battery, memory). The SvanNET can be accessed through the web browser or dedicated application for Android and iOS platforms.

The SvanNET allows usage of all types of SIM cards in Svantek Monitoring stations modem regardless if they have public or private IP. The on-line preview template provides current results, time- history graphs as well as information on status of monitoring points.


Link to Svantek Monitoring Systems

SvanNET is a cloud server supporting Internet connection to the family of monitoring stations: SV 258 PRO, SV 27x PRO, SV 200A and SV 307. Once a sim card is inserted in the monitoring station, it automatically connects to SvanNET.

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