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SV 307 Noise Monitoring Terminal Description

SV 307 Noise Monitoring Terminal Description
  • All-in-one design for portable, mobile and permanent noise monitoring installations

  • Class 1 according to IEC 61672

  • Real-time 1/1 or 1/3 octave analysis (option)

  • Audio events recording (option)

  • Removable housing protecting the system against harsh environmental conditions (IP65)

  • Integrated remote system check for full system verification

  • Integrated high speed 3G modem

  • Automatic time synchronization with GPS and localization as standard

  • Large windscreen against high-speed wind

  • Intelligent heater protecting microphone against humidity

  • Low power consumption, integrated Li-Ion battery and direct connection for solar panels

  • Web based system configuration with SvanNET

  • Community & airport characteristics 


The SV 307 is a new Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) dedicated for permanent noise monitoring. The SV 307 integrates Class 1 sound level meter with a modem in the removable waterproof housing. The SV 307 is equipped with a new MEMS microphone with a life-time warranty. The measurement data is stored on the microSD card. The SV 307 is designed for permanent noise monitoring, it has been equipped with a patented double self-system check: an inbuilt reference sound source producing 100dB at 1 kHz plus real-time check based on reference microphone.

The waterproof housing of SV307 can be removed to get an access to the user interface with a colour display and keypad. The SV 307 has an internal Li-Ion battery and interface for connecting solar panels. A waterproof mains adapter for charging the battery and powering the station is also included.

SvanNET cloud service monitors the wireless communication, powering and access to the SV 307 data. The scope of the basic SvanNET can be extended with multipoint project management that offers data storage in the cloud, data sharing, advanced alarming and reporting features. SvanNET is an on-line solution which means it doesn’t require software installation and is accessible through a web browser. The responsive design enables use of SvanNET on various devices such as smartphones or tablets.