Sensidyne Industrial Health and Safety

SV 258 PRO Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station Specifications

SV 258 PRO Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station Specifications

SVAN 958AG Vibration and Noise Level Meter & Analyser

Vibration Standards DIN 4150-3, DIN 4150-2, BS 7385-2, 22/09/1994, 23/07/1986, IN-1226, USER FFT, USER 1/3 OCTAVE
Noise Standards Class 1: IEC 61672-1:2002
Vibration Level Meter Mode PPV, DF, RMS, VDV, MAX, Peak, Peak-Peak, Vector, aw, awv
Sound Level Meter Mode SPL, Leq, SEL, Lden, Ltm3, Ltm5, Statistics - Ln (L1-L99), LMax, LMin, LPeak
Vibration Profiles Per Channel 2: velocity and accleration
Vibration Analyser 1/3 octave real-time analysis or FFT analysis
Time domain signal recording to WAV format
Filters In Velocity Profile DIN 80, DIN 315, VEL1
Filters In Acceleration Profile HP1, HP3, HP10, Wk, Wd, Wc, Wj, Wm, Wg, Wb
RMS & RMQ Detectors Digital true RMS & RMQ detectors with Peak detection, resolution 0.1 dB
Detector Time Constants Fast 125ms in accordance to DIN 4150-2

SV 84 triaxial high sensitivity (1 V/g),
noise floor RMS: 14 μm/s (VEL1), 2 μm/s (VEL3)

Vibration Measurement Range SV 84: 0.0005 ms2 RMS ÷ 50 ms-2 PEAK (accelerometer dependent)
Vibration Frequency Range


SV 84: 0.2 Hz ÷ 315 Hz (accelerometer dependent) period


Ingress Protection Rating IP 65
Communication Interfaces USB, 3G modem
Power supply DC power supply / charger 11 V ÷ 30 V (waterproof)
     Operation time on battery 17 Ah / 12 V
  Modem on up to 3 days
  Modem off up to 7 days
  Solar Panel (not included) MPPT voltage 17.0 V ÷ 20.0 V
  External DC source (not included) voltage range 10.5 V – 24 V
Environmental Conditions

Temperature from -10oC to 50 oC

Dimensions 420 x 340 x 210 mm 
Weight  Approx. 9 kg with batteries