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SV 958 Four Channel Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station Description

SV 958 Four Channel Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station Description
  • Four-channel sound & vibration Analyzer dedicated for engineering applications.

  • Depending on an application, each channel can be independently configured, e.g. one tri-axial and one mono-axial vibration sensor or four microphones etc.

  • The Class 1 Sound Level Meter enables the simultaneous four-channel real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 AND 1/3 octave bands.

  • The meter can be used for building acoustic measurements e.g. simultaneous 4-channel RT 60 measurements.

  • The RS 232 interface enables integration with the production line.

  • The FFT Analyzer offers the  detailed frequency analysis in a selectable frequency band.

  • The BUILDING VIBRATION mode offers simultaneous VELOCITY and ACCELERATION measurements with the automatic indication of a DOMINANT FREQUENCY.

  • OLED 2.4” color display (320 x 240 pixels) provides a super contrast visibility even in sunny weather.

  • Robust aluminum housing gives the comfort of a secure grip to the user and protects the hardware against the electromagnetic interference.


SVAN 958A is a unique four-channel instrument offering 20 kHz-band sound & vibration analysis. It is a perfect choice for all applications that require simultaneous Class 1 noise measurements & triaxial vibration assessment.

Each of four input channels can be independently configured for sound or vibration mode with different filters and RMS detector time constants giving users an enormous measurement flexibility. The real advantage of SVAN 958A is its capability to perform advanced analysis simultaneously with the level meter mode. In practice this allows the user to obtain broad-band results such as Leq, RMS, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak together with four-channel analysis like FFT or octave band analysis.

The list of analyzer functions includes FFT, 1/1 or 1/3 octave, cross spectra, sound intensity, RT 60 and more. All measurement results are stored in the non-volatile 32 MB internal memory and can be easily downloaded to a PC with SvanPC++ software.

SVAN 958A with RS 232 interface (SV 55) can be offered with GPRS modem or LAN & WLAN connection module. Together with SvanNET or SvanPC++_RC remote communication software, these interfaces provide easy remote access to instrument settings & data over the Internet and local area networks.

The instrument is powered by four AA standard or rechargeable batteries as well as by an external DC power source or USB interface. The robust case and light weight design enhance the exceptional features of the SVAN 958A.