CBA Analysis Kit Manual

CBA Analysis Kit (Up To 3000 psi)

CBA Analysis Kit (Up To 3000 psi)
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Sensidyne CBA system allows anyone to simply, quickly and quantitatively measure the quality of their compressed breathing air. Easy to use, the CBA system is an accurate and precise method for detecting Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, oil mist, water vapor, and oxygen.

Sensidyne measures all four of the common contaminants in breathing air and provides a quick means to monitor the oxygen level. Using the CBA direct-reading detector tubes, simply connect the pressure reducer to your high-pressure air source (max: 3000 psi), compressor, cylinder or airline and adjust the flowmeter to the required setting. Sensidyne takes care of your entire measurement problem with one common system, reducing training and saving time and money.

Industrial operations often produce or are performed in the presence of harmful airborne contaminants. When a self-contained breathing apparatus or other devices are used for respiratory protection, the quality of the breathing air requires special attention. Contaminants entering the compressor or contaminants generated by the compressor can be harmful for the worker and the respiratory equipment. Minimal safety requires that these potentially hazardous contaminants be monitored.

Our CBA Kit is a convenient economical system for testing the quality of your compressed breathing air. You do not have to learn how to operate and calibrate sophisticated instrumentation. With the CBA kit, the measurement is quick and simple and does not require user calibration.

Consisting of a backpressure compensated two-stage regulator with flowmeter and tube holder, the CBA system can make all the required measurements with just five direct reading detection tubes. The flowmeter is adjustable for 50 to 600 cc/min. and the system accepts up to 3000 psi with a standard No. 346 CGA fitting. The actual measurement is simple and accurate. Just snap off both “break away” ends of the tube, insert the tube into the tube holder with the directional arrow pointing down, and adjust the flowmeter to the specified flow rate. Allow the prescribed flow time to pass. A precisely measured volume of air is injected into the tube where it contacts the reagent.

The reagent immediately changes color and reacts quantitatively to provide a length-of-stain indication. The farther the color stain travels along the tube, the higher the concentration. After the required time, note where the color stain stops and take the measurement from the scale printed on the direct-reading tube. It is safe, precise and fast.

This kit is suitable for Grade D air analysis. Tubes for use with the kit are sold separately.

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