Sensidyne Industrial Health and Safety

SV 106 Specifications

SV 106 Specifications



ISO 8041:2005, ISO 2631-1,2&5, ISO 5349

Meter Mode

RMS, VDV, MTVV or Max, Peak, Peak-Peak, Vector, A(8), Dose, ELV, EAV

Simultaneous measurement in six channels with independent set of filters and detector constants


Wd, Wk, Wm, Wb (ISO 2631) and Wh (ISO 5349) and Band Limiting filters

RMS & RMQ Detectors

Digital true RMS & RMQ detectors with Peak detection, resolution 0.1 dB
Time constants from 100 ms to 10 s

Data Logger 

Time-history data including meter mode results and spectra

Time Domain Recording

Simultaneous x, y, z time-domain signal recording,
sampling frequency selectable: 375 Hz, 3 kHz or 6 kHz (option)


1/1 octave real-time analysis with center frequencies from 0.5 Hz to 2000 Hz (option)
1/3 octave real-time analysis with center frequencies from 0.4 Hz to 2500 Hz (option)


SV 38V low cost triaxial accelerometer for Whole-Body measurements
SV 50 set for Hand?__Arm measurement (Dytran accelerometer 3023M2; adapters SA 50, SA 51, SA 52) - SC 118 integrated connector required
SV 105 integrated triaxial Hand-Arm adapter with grip force sensor (under development)

Measurement Range

Transducer dependent: 
0.01 ms-2 RMS ?? 50 ms-2 Peak (with SV 38V and Wd filter)
0.1 ms-2 RMS ?? 5000 ms-2 Peak (with SV 50 and Wh filter)

Frequency Range

0.1 Hz ?? 2000 Hz



2 x LEMO 5-pin: six channels IEPE type or Direct and two channels for force transducers

Dynamic Range

90 dB

Force Range

0.2 N ?? 100 N (dedicated channels for force transducers)

Sampling Rate

6 kHz


Internal 16 MB non-volatile memory
Micro SD flash card slot (supports 8 GB ?? 16 GB cards)


USB 1.1 Client, Extended I/O - AC output (1 V Peak) or Digital Input/Output (Trigger - Pulse)

Power supply

Four AA batteries (alkaline)

operation time > 12 h (6.0 V / 1.6 Ah)2

Four AA rechargeable batteries (not included)

operation time > 16 h (4.8 V / 2.6 Ah)2

USB interface

500 mA HUB

Environmental Conditions


from -10 oC to 50 oC


up to 90 % RH, non-condensed


140 x 83 x 33 mm (without accelerometer)


Approx. 390 grams including batteries (without accelerometer)

1function parallel to the meter mode

2with one triaxial accelerometer in meter mode