An All-In-One Meter To Do Everything?

Svantek 979 - One Meter for Sound and Vibration



Svantek 979 - One Meter for Sound and Vibration

The search for an all-in-one sound and vibration meter has ended. The SVAN 979 advanced analyzer from Svantek combines all the most important and useful features in a single instrument that can handle virtually any single channel measurement task that you can throw at it. Whatever you need to do the SVAN 979 can have it on board, installed and ready to go.

Starting with a precision 1/2” pre polarized microphone fitted to a removable preamplifier the SVAN 979 has automatic windscreen and extension cable detection that adds digital corrections to provide an almost perfectly linear frequency response from 3.15 Hz to 22.4 kHz suitable for everyday hand held measurements. For longer term environmental noise measurements the instrument can be corrected to provide the correct free field response for community noise and airport noise monitoring using either 90 or zero degree reference directionality.

All four time responses plus three independent profiles for the input allow the user to configure the measurements to provide for the most appropriate combinations of frequency and time weightings required for the job in hand. Each profile can be configured to measure and store the Peak, Maximum, Minimum and Time average levels over intervals from 2 milli sec to 24 hours with results saved into a standard 8 GB micro SD memory card. Data logging of the time history is provided as standard to enable an accurate picture to be obtained of the temporal variation in the levels during a measurement.

Up to 10 statistical levels can be calculated such as the L90% to describe the background in an extended survey and the inclusion of the day night level over a 24 hour period makes the instrument a popular choice for EPA and HUD suitability measurements. In these cases the ability of the SVAN 979 to work with common radio modems that use SIM cards enable unattended site monitoring to be carried out as long as suitable connections are available to log on to. As a newer feature, the SVAN 979 can be used in a wireless ZigBee network where no internet connection is needed at all for local area monitoring thereby removing the cost element from many internet connection requirements. Multiple instruments can be deployed with up to 500 m between each in a daisy chain layout.

An event capture feature is available based on a threshold level excedence above a user selectable trigger level with additional information about the time of these occurrences and the ability to record the audio time waveform for storage as a wav file in memory. This is downloaded to the included SVANPC++ software and allows the user to listen to the sound file to positively identify the cause of the event which helps to understand the noise climate even when the user was not present. The trigger signal can be routed to a socket on the bottom of the meter to trigger an external light or alarm to signal when something significant is occurring as a warning to staff to evacuate an area when noise levels become unsafe.

Frequency analysis capabilities include full octave band, third octave band and FFT as standard with optional 1/6 and 1/12 octave analysis available for those demanding jobs requiring even narrower constant percentage filters normally found on laboratory analyzers.

For those users concerned with the behavior of sound in enclosed spaces and rooms then the standard reverberation time package will be a useful bonus. The full complement of EDT, RT20 and RT30 measurements are computed and the built in white or pink noise source generator can be used to control the stimulus sound for making these sorts of recordings. Comprehensive spatial averaging capabilities augment an already powerful system for measuring the behavior of sound in rooms and recording of all decay curves to the on board memory allow the user to recalculate the reverberation time manually in the software based on their own preferences and experience.

For specific studies of pure tones the tonality option allows the user to calculate the level penalty for a signal that is affecting those who hear it. In the search for the perfect sound or at least to identify when a sound is not acceptable the loudness option will calculate the sone, phon and bark values necessary to characterize a sound objectively for the reduction of annoyance.

The addition of a suitable IEPE powered accelerometer converts the SVAN 979 into a powerful vibration analyzer with the standard filters for acceleration, velocity and displacement and a selection of time responses to suit all general purpose tasks. The optional human vibration package adds the appropriate filters for hand arm and whole body vibration measurements with a suitable input sensor from the Svantek range.