COPPER ION - Tube: 203S

COPPER ION - Range: 1-100 mg/L

COPPER ION - Range: 1-100 mg/L Gas Detector Tube

Sensidyne AP-20S Detector Tube Pump and Detector Tubes

Sensidyne Colorimetric Gas Detector Tubes

Measured Gas: COPPER ION

Tube Number: 203S

Range: 1-100 mg/L

Tubes Per Box: 10 tubes

Tube Type: Tube for Dissolved Substances in Solution

Uses Conversion Chart: No

Operating Range: Normal Operating Range

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Note: Some detector tube applications are achieved by applying a correction factor to an existing detector tube to correct the reading for the new substance. Often, these correction factors or conversion charts are provided in the detector tube's instruction sheet. If your desired correction information is not provided in the tube instruction sheet, please contact our Customer Support group for assistance.