Impingers and Bubblers

Impingers and Bubblers for Air Sampling


For collecting various airborne gases, vapors and particulates using a high flow sampling pump.

Impinger Bubbler for Air SamplingGilian Impingers are special glass tubes designed to collect airborne contaminants by bubbling the sampled air at a high flow rate through a method-specific absorbing liquid inside. The impinger liquid used can be analyzed to determine airborne contaminant levels. Impingers can be mounted directly to the high volume pump or a special spill-proof version can be attached to the worker’s collar with a clip. 

Midget Impingers, 25 ml - Standard, "Bubbler" and Special

These two-piece glass impingers have a capacity of 25 ml and a graduated scale along the side in 5 ml increments. The tip is precisely spaced in relation to the bottom of the impinger. 

  • The Standard Midget Impinger has its two glass pieces joined by a 24/40 ground joint.
  • The "Bubbler" or Fritted Midget Impinger is like the standard impinger, except it has a special fritted tip to increase the interaction between the air sample and the impinger liquid by breaking the air stream into smaller bubbles and thereby increasing surface area.
  • The Special Midget Impinger has a Teflon® sleeve on the glass stopper, allowing its use for ozone sampling.

Micro Spill-Proof Midget Impinger

 This impinger is designed with traps to keep the liquid from spilling out, should they be tipped accidentally. It comes with a collar clip, allowing placement within the worker’ s immediate breathing zone. Very light in weight, the micro spill-proof impinger has a capacity of 2 oz (50 ml) and is made of PVC coated glass.

Moisture Traps & Holders

Moisture traps are designed to prevent ­moisture carryover from the impinger that might internally damage the sampling pump. Single and double holders are available for midget impingers and traps. A mounting bracket is also required when mounting these holders to Gilian 5000, Gilian 3500, GilAir-3, GilAir-5, or BDX II pumps.





Part No.

Standard Midget


2-pc., glass, 5ml increments


Fritted Plastic


Fritted, 2-pc, plastic


Fritted Midget (Bubbler)


Fritted, 2-pc., glass, 5ml increments


Special Midget,Teflon


2-pc., glass, Teflon sleeve, Ozone, 5 ml increments


Spill-proof, Micro, 2 oz.

50 ml

PVC-coated glass, fritted, collar clip


Moisture Traps

Standard Moisture Trap

98 ml

Plastic w/ 36"(91 cm) length of 1/4"(6.4 mm) ID tubing


Midget Sorbent Trap

25 ml

Glass w/ screw cap



Impinger Holder, single

Aluminum/black, HFS/GilAir/GilAir-5


Impinger Holder, double

Aluminum/black, HFS/GilAir/GilAir-5


Mounting Bracket for Impinger Holder

Required to mount impinger holder to GilAir-3, GilAir-5 and BDX II pumps


Mounting Bracket for Impinger Holder

Required to mount impinger holder to Gilian 3500 & Gilian 5000 pump